MKM aims to empower needy

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THE Council on Social Welfare (MKM) plans to conduct empowerment programmes and life skills classes for the needy at its new office in Melabau Complex, Serusop.

MKM executive member Hj Yusof Halim said the non-governmental organisation is likely to start empowering the needy with religious classes first.

“We want to change the mindset of the poor. One of the things we want to bring across is that you can be poor, but you don’t need to be lazy. You can be poor, but you don’t need to be dirty. Whether you’re rich or poor, Islam doesn’t allow you to be lazy.

“With religious classes, we hope it will make them want to change their attitude,” he said in a recent interview.

He said with the change in attitude, it is more likely that the needy will get out of the poverty cycle and focus on getting an education.

“Many of them (poor families) don’t emphasise on education, so the children remain poor. Sometimes this isn’t because they don’t want to (get an education) but because of their situation, the children have to work and provide for the family,” he said.

The council recently moved into its new office after a sponsor came forward to help. It will launch the new office on May 31.

“Our space is located at the ground floor of a shophouse. Some of the space has already been used as storage areas for clothes donations as well as MKM’s files.

“With the available space that we have now, we can probably fit 20-30 people per class, and we can run more than one class (but not at the same time),” said Hj Yusof.

Continuing with the empowerment programme, he said MKM also plans to make its office into a space for online business and for families under MKM’s care to sell their products.

“We have single mothers who have to look after their children and can’t work full-time. We try to see what these women can do during their spare time at home and sell their products at our cube space.

“We’re thinking of doing the sales online. People could buy these products and pick them up from our office.”

The Brunei Times