Get out of comfort zone, UBD lecturer tells students

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) students were urged to get out of their comfort zone and learn “a sense of urgency” to become proactive individuals.

Dr Martie Geiger-Ho, Art and Creative Technology lecturer at UBD, said it was difficult to motivate students to challenge themselves.

The lecturer, who teaches students to make ceramics out of clay from Bruneian soil, said it was difficult to motivate students to “get out” to the field and extract the clay.

“It’s hard to get my students into it - I can’t motivate them enough because they are living at home and life is still good.

“They need to be hungry, (then) they’ll do their desired business or whatever but they need to break a sweat,” the senior lecturer added.

Speaking on the sidelines of the varsity’s Spectacle 2016 Art and Design Graduation Show recently, Dr Geiger-Ho said Brunei has plenty of clay resources that students can take advantage of in making “beautiful sculptures”, such as vases for dried flowers and ceramic bowls that can be sold.

“When you grow up you have to sacrifice. There was this one time where I had to wait four hours for a student of mine because he had to give his friend a ride, I mean this is the real world, sometimes you just have to tell your friend you’re sorry (and you can’t do it because of priorities),” she said.

Describing pottery-making as a form of art therapy, Dr Geiger-Ho went on to say that students who never experienced pottery-making would “love it” once they go into it.

“They would really love it, they would make things they never thought they had the ability to,” she said, adding that students would be able to share their experience with family and friends.

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