First batch of nautical students to set sail for training

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THE first batch of 14 nautical students at the Institute of Brunei Technical Education’s (IBTE) Brunei Maritime Academy will set sail for their one-year training after completing their coaching on the basics of becoming a seafarer with a firm yesterday.

The students, who are based at IBTE’s Jefri Bolkiah Engineering College campus, are expected to return for their studies at the academy after the one-year training.

Brunei Maritime Academy’s Teaching Consultant Ezhar Mashan, who is also programme leader for nautical studies, said the students will continue their studies before taking an oral examination by the Marine Department.

Once they passed and obtained the Certificate of Competency, Ezhar said the students will then be hired by the companies who sponsored them to study at the BMA.

Lantana Services Sdn Bhd conducted the one-month training for the students as part of its collaboration with the academy.

The company’s Marine Superintendent Captain Eugene Francis said the one-month training aimed to equip the students with the knowledge and skills of being out at sea.

This is especially before all the students began their training on the ship, so they will know what to expect once they are on board for their industrial placement training.

Captain Francis said the training included the proper cleaning and maintenance of the ship.

While these expectations can be learned on board their one-year training on the ship, he said the training will at least provide them the basic knowledge on what they should do.

This is one way of producing quality officers as these students might be the first Bruneian deck officers should they succeed in completing their studies at BMA.

“You need to be selected for this, so we do not want to do this (without seeing it through), we want them to be ones with better quality.

“A quality officer is one who can work and understand their roles and tasks, and can also withstand the pressure on the ship as they will be out at sea all the time, and they will also be leaving their loved ones frequently,” he added.

The Brunei Times