Man in assault case to be sentenced Monday

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A MAN involved in beating up and outraging the modesty of a 29-year-old man will be sentenced on Monday.

During the proceedings at the Intermediate Court yesterday, Md Hairul Azmi Jumat, 31, admitted to charges of assault by using a softball bat to hit the victim repeatedly and hitting and slapping the victim in the face and taking pictures and a video recording of the victim, who was forced to strip naked.

The court document filed by prosecuting officer Siti Nurjauinah Hj Kula stated that on November 2, 2015 at Kg Perpindahan Lambak Kanan, Md Hairul Azmi had become angry and attacked the victim, whom he used to work with in the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, after hearing that the victim had owed money to a woman in exchange for sexual services.

The attack was also motivated by a past incident when the defendant recalled having suspected the victim of allegedly taking his television.

Following the assault, Md Hairul Azmi placed a helmet on the victim’s head and instructed him to strip. The victim, who was already shirtless at the time, obliged out of fear. When the victim was naked, Md Hairul Azmi then took photos and a video recording of the victim’s state using his mobile phone.

The victim was able to report the incident on the same day which led to Md Hairul Azmi’s arrest and an investigation.

In his mitigation, Md Hairul Azmi sought for leniency and for the sentence to run concurrently. He further said that since his remand at Jerudong Prison, he has been remorseful about the incident and sought forgiveness from the victim.

He was further remanded at Jerudong Prison pending sentencing on May 2.

The Brunei Times