Local man who crashed his car into workshop to be sentenced next Tuesday

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A LOCAL man who crashed his car into a workshop because he felt his request for towing assistance was denied will be sentenced next Tuesday after he pleaded guilty yesterday to causing property damage and to reckless driving.

The court document submitted by Deputy Public Prosecutor Didi-Nuraza Latiff stated that on April 7 this year, Zulhilmi Mat Jeneh, 25, was involved in driving through Yeo Motor workshop and damaging a display counter containing 130 spark plugs and other spare parts while leaving two employees injured due to an indirect hit by the car.

Earlier, the defendant had been shouting outside the workshop after he felt that his request for towing assistance was disregarded.

The defendant entered his car, which was parked in front of the display counter, and reversed it for a few meters before pressing the accelerator and ramming into the display counter while two sales assistants were still behind it.

Members of the public who were at the scene stopped Zulhilmi from driving away and subsequently restrained him until the Tutong Police arrived soon after to arrest him.

A police investigation revealed that the defendant’s action had cost the workshop $2,560.40 to repair the display counter whereas the loss on the 130 pieces of spark plugs amounted to $4,350.

Zulhilmi was further remanded yesterday pending sentencing on May 3.

The Brunei Times