‘Knowledge key to ensuring national standardized Jawi’

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KNOWLEDGE of Jawi writing is vital in ensuring that the use of Jawi is being coordinated nationwide, said the acting director of the Fundamental Knowledge Centre at Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB).

Speaking to The Brunei Times at the closing ceremony of a two-day Jawi writing workshop organised by the institution yesterday, Azman Hj Kasim said that currently, Jawi writing and spelling can be used and interpreted in different ways.

“There is classic or traditional Jawi writing and there is the modern one as well as Jawi that’s being improvised,” he said, adding that all of these formats of Jawi are being used in the sultanate.

So following the proper guidelines in the application of Jawi writing is essential in ensuring that its usage is standardized for the whole country, he added.

“The workshop is one of the ways in achieving this aim by equipping participants with the proper and standard knowledge and skills of Jawi,” he said.

A total of 120 participants comprising academic and non-academic staff of KUPU SB attended the workshop in morning and afternoon sessions at the institution’s compound.

Azman, who was the chairperson of the workshop, also highlighted how the workshop is essential to further develop the skills and knowledge of Jawi among KUPU SB personnel as Jawi is widely used in their line of work in the religious education system.

He added that at least two weeks are needed for people to learn and grasp the comprehensive knowledge on Jawi writing and spelling.

“The response was encouraging, and some even asked for the workshop to continue in the future, which we will be looking into from time to time,” he said.

An assistant lecturer at the Fundamental Knowledge Centre, Mohd Amirul Abdul Rahim, said the centre is also planning to hold the same workshop for KUPU SB students sometime during the next semester in August or September.

“The students also need to be aware of the importance of learning Jawi, which has its own unique formula and spelling,” he said.

“The workshop will introduce the students to the use of Jawi writing such as its hukum-hukum (rules), nahu (grammar), nouns and consonants,” he added.

Aside from improving and developing the knowledge of Jawi amongst KUPU SB personnel, the workshop also aimed to spur the culture of Jawi writing and spelling as a daily norm amongst the participants.

Facilitated by officers from the Language and Literature Bureau of Malaysia, Hj Alias Ghafar and Raieham Md Salleh, the workshop culminated yesterday with certificate presentations to participants by Acting Rector of KUPU SB Dr Hj Adnan Hj Besar.

The Brunei Times