Fisheries Dep’t launches 4-day mini carnival

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THE Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism through the Department of Fisheries yesterday launched a four-day mini carnival at the Muara Fish Landing Complex.

Twenty-eight vendors are taking part, comprising nine operators from the aquaculture sector, seven from the capture sector and 12 from the processing sector.

The carnival, which runs until May 1, aims to help local fishmongers market and promote their products as well as raise awareness among both fishmongers and the public on issues related to the fisheries industry such as food contamination.

The head of the mini carnival’s organising committee, Nur Aqilah Timbang, said that besides providing an opportunity to local entrepreneurs involved in the fisheries industry to increase their sales and promote their products, the department is also hoping these kinds of events will help them develop their market.

“It’s important to conduct such an event (so) the fishmongers and entrepreneurs can increase their sales as well as be able to expand their marketing network or multilevel marketing,” said Nur Aqilah, who is also an officer from the department.

She said this year, the department is also planning to conduct more events like this to disseminate information to fishmongers and the public on the importance of selling and buying fresh seafood and on matters related to food safety.

Fishmongers, she said, should always be aware of maintaining the cleanliness of their stalls.

“They have to ensure that they’re selling fresh seafood and always ensure that their environment is clean from any undesired things such as pests.”

She added that the public also needs to be cautious when buying seafood at wet markets.

“There are differences between fresh and non-fresh seafood. Fish, squids, crabs and prawns are usually fresh if they have bright and shiny flesh, shells and eyes,” she said, adding that non-fresh seafood usually smells like ammonia.

“If the fish or seafood isn’t fresh and mixed with preservatives, members of the public should report this to the Fisheries Department early, as this is important for the public’s food safety,” said Nur Aqilah.

A fishmonger who only wanted to be known as Syukri said prices of fresh fish at the Muara Fish Landing Complex are actually cheaper compared to other places.

“Not many people are aware of this, but most of the fresh fish and seafood here is cheaper. We can offer it to the public for as low as $1-$4 per kg compared with $4-$6 per kg at other places.”

The Brunei Times