Biggest obstacle for jobseekers is lack of preparation

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THE biggest challenge faced by jobseekers is their lack of preparedness and knowledge of industry, the chief executive officer of K-MAS Management Sdn Bhd said.

In an interview with The Brunei Times Dr Ali Qassem said that some organisations expect prospect employees to be “job ready”.

“Yes they have the talent but they don’t have the practical ways of dealing with the job on the job and some organisations expect them to be ready,” he said.

He noted that ideally, organisations and companies should be providing training for new employees, but some prefer looking for jobseekers who can start work immediately.

“That is what we are trying to do... to prepare them for the industry which (will in turn benefit) them and the country,” said Dr Ali.

He added that another obstacle that jobseekers need to overcome is their dependency on the government.

“The idea is to change their mindset.

“They have to think of doing things on their own, without depending on the country, the government or their parents.

“It takes time but that’s the right way,” said Dr Ali.

He said that to achieve this mindset, they have to gain more exposure and experience and learn to work independently.

“To make it normal to work outside the government - whether you join a company, start your own business, or start a joint venture with someon.

“You have to start somewhere and learn first.”

You will never be able to get the exotic unless you discover the basics,” said Dr Ali.

The K-MAS CEO was speaking at the sidelines of a talk hosted by the Local Employment and Workforce Development Agency (APTK) under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

In his speech, Dr Ali said that he left Jordan in his 20s and arrived in Malaysia with only US$100 before working towards where he is today.

K-MAS Management Sdn Bhd is a consulting company specialising in helping organisations and people to progress in their lives and careers.

The Brunei Times