KUPU SB holds Jawi workshop

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MORE than 100 officials from Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) are taking part in a Jawi writing workshop organised by its Core Knowledge Centre.

The two-day workshop aims to improve their knowledge of and skills in Jawi writing as well as uphold KUPU SB’s mission of preserving the practice of Jawi in Malay Muslim society.

It opened with a speech delivered by Acting Rector of KUPU SB Dr Hj Adnan Hj Besar, who said the workshop is necessary in order to improve and strengthen the practice of Jawi writing among the officers and personnel of the Islamic university.

Hj Adnan said the loss of Jawi writing skills that have been passed down for millennia may cause the next generation to lose the opportunity to comprehend the former culture of the Malay community in the sultanate.

He added that time (modernisation) and cultural diversity are slowly eliminating the traditional culture of the people.

“The only way to preserve this is by constantly practising Jawi writing among the community, especially every religious educational institution,” he said.

He said through this workshop, the staff and officials of the university will be able to maintain the practice of Jawi writing and reading as well as maintain the original spelling, meaning and pronunciation of words taken from Arabic.

The workshop was divided into two classes for lecturers and non-academic staff respectively and was facilitated by officers from the Language and Literature Bureau of Malaysia, Hj Alias Ghafar and Raieham Md Salleh.

One of the participants, Ak Hj Amirul Amin Pg Hj Jamaluddin, said the workshop was held to encourage the personnel to use Jawi in all forms of writing.

“There is a new rule (from the university) where we are urged to use Jawi for all official documentation such as minutes, letters and notices. This indirectly can improve our skills in Jawi writing.

“Through this workshop, it will give us more ideas about Jawi knowledge, especially the difference between modern and traditional Jawi, which is useful for us to write better formal letters as well as other official documentation,” said Ak Hj Amirul Amin, who is the assistant registrar of KUPU SB.

The workshop is part of KUPU SB’s long-term initiative to educate all of its personnel, officers and students on the importance of improving their Jawi writing skills and knowledge.

Jawi is one of the two official scripts in Brunei for the Malay language. It is used exclusively in the religious school curriculum in Brunei and in some subjects at Arabic schools.

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