Indonesian in outraging modesty case released on $10,000 bail

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AN INDONESIAN man accused of outraging a woman’s modesty was released on $10,000 bail yesterday while the prosecution finalises the charge.

Muhammad Mahdi is accused of using criminal force on 25-year-old Miss X when he touched her breasts and private parts.

The 41-year-old also kissed her and forced her to hold his genitals while in a kitchen at a house in Berakas on March 31 this year.

Muhammad Mahdi, who claimed to be an ustaz to the family, has yet to enter his plea on the charge.

The charge carries a prison term of up to five years and an unspecified number of whippings.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court granted the defendant’s release on condition that Muhammad Mahdi is not to approach the victim personally or indirectly through another person and that he is not to go to the house or contact those living in the house.

The next mention of the case is scheduled to be heard on April 30.

The Brunei Times