Local man gets 4 months jail for ‘revenge theft’

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A LOCAL man was jailed for four months yesterday after he pleaded guilty to stealing various tools and a water pressure pump from a refrigerator repairman as “revenge” for what he viewed as sub-par services.

The court said the defendant, Jeludin Hj Tiga, 44, warranted a custodial sentence due to the premeditated nature of the crime and his previous convictions for theft.

Magistrate Ak Shahyzul Khairuddien Pg Abd Rahman added that not all stolen items were handed over to police officers.

Jeludin pleaded with the court for leniency because his daughter was getting married on the weekend, but the court ordered he serve his prison sentence with immediate effect.

According to court documents, the complainant, Abdul Ibrahim Qureshi, was performing Friday prayers at Salambigar Mosque when the theft occurred. He had parked his car across the road from the mosque, outside a store called Aero Jaya Sdn Bhd.

The defendant, who had also parked his car nearby, waited until Friday prayers began and the area was quiet before breaking into the car and stealing the items.

When the complainant returned from the mosque, he realised the items had been stolen and filed a police report.

Police obtained CCTV footage from the Aero Jaya store and were able to identify the defendant in his green Subaru.

During police questioning, Jeludin confessed to stealing the items and painting the water pressure pump a different colour. He said he stole the tools because he was not satisfied with the complainant’s refrigerator repair services.

The Brunei Times