Hot weather to continue this week

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BRUNEI is currently undergoing a monsoon transitionary period where the country is experiencing hot weather conditions in the day, but occasional thunderstorms at night are expected over the coming days.

Nurulinani Hj Jahari, duty forecaster at the Meteorological Department, said in a phone interview that thundershowers will likely occur overnight in the next few days, including tomorrow when showers are expected to last from late afternoon until early next morning.

“The daytime weather will continue to remain hot and dry but rainfall is expected for the next few nights.

“We will continue to monitor the weather conditions and if there is a need, we will be issuing a weather advisory through media outlets, including our Facebook page,” she added.

In a statement, the department said the country is currently undergoing the monsoon transition period up until the end of May or early June following the monsoon cycles.

During this transitional period, the monsoon winds previously blowing in a northeastern direction are expected to gradually weaken and change direction to blow towards the southwest by the end of June.

Throughout this period, the country typically experiences hot weather conditions during the daytime while active thunderstorm and rainfall are likely to occur at night.

The department said the El Niño phenomenon, which has resulted in soaring temperatures for Brunei, remains but its effects are weakening.

Predictions from world climate centres suggest that El Niño conditions over the Pacific Ocean will slowly dissipate by June 2016.

The effects of El Niño phenomenon is expected to continue influencing Brunei’s weather conditions with air temperature occasionally exceeding 34 degrees celsius on some days in May.

Nurulinani said the highest temperature recorded so far for the month of April was on April 20, 2016 when it reached 36.4 degrees celsius.

The Brunei Times