Man faces seven years for sexual assault

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A MAN was released on a $7,000 court bail yesterday while the prosecution finalises an aggravated outraging modesty charge against him.

The 42-year-old local man is accused of using criminal force against a 15-year-old girl by kissing her lips and groping her breasts and voluntarily caused wrongful restraint by pinning the victim on the bed with his body on April 16 this year.

The charge carries an imprisonment term of up to seven years in jail and an unspecified number of whippings.

The defendant, whose name is withheld to protect the victim’s identity, was remanded for a week pending investigation.

During the proceedings yesterday, prosecuting officer Shamshuddin Hj Kamaluddin said the investigation into the case is almost complete and they will no longer require further remand on the defendant.

He went on to say that the prosecution would require two weeks to consider the appropriate charge against the defendant and there is no objection for the defendant to be released on court bail.

Among the conditions of the $7,000 court bail or the same amount in two local sureties, includes weekly reporting to the investigating officer not to approach the the victim, whether directly or indirectly. The victim is living behind the defendant’s home.

The presiding magistrate Azrimah Hj Abdul Rahman granted the prosecution’s bail conditions and scheduled for a further mention of the case on May 9.

The Brunei Times