China opens MOFCOM scholarship to Bruneians

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THE Government of the People’s Republic of China is offering Bruneians who are interested in pursuing their studies in China to apply for MOFCOM Scholarship before April 30.

According to the press statement from the China Embassy in Brunei Darussalam, the scholarship, which is set up by the Republic of China’s Ministry of Commerce, offers two to three years master’s programmes and three to four years PhD programmes.

Around 26 universities and more than 100 majors are listed for application.

It states on the Ministry of Commerce’s website that the scholarship winner must register for English-taught programmes. In the event that the programme applied for is taught only in Chinese, the applicant is advised to take up Chinese language classes for one or two years before moving onto their degree courses.

The scholarship will cover the tuition, accommodation, living allowance more than 3000RMB, medical insurance and one-time round-trip international air tickets.

Bruneian applicants can submit their application online via or and submit the hard copy of the application to Economic and Commercial Office of the China Embassy in Brunei.

For further inquiries, please visit the official website at

MOFCOM Scholarship is set up by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China in 2015 to further strengthen the communication and cooperation between China and other countries.

The Brunei Times