4 schools awarded for top performance in 2015 O levels

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FOUR schools were awarded with $7,000 grant for achieving the highest number of five O level credits during last year’s examination.

The incentives were aimed at encouraging schools to pursue a higher passing percentage in O level examination, according to the Education Ministry.

The incentives are divided into three categories – schools exceeding the target of 42.5 per cent or earning highest five O levels in 2015, special schools which maintained 100 per cent of five O levels between 2014 to 2015 and schools with most improved O level examination results between 2014 to 2015. 

Amongst the schools receiving the $7,000 grants were Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Masna Secondary School, Sufri Bolkiah Secondary School, Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri (STPRI) and Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School. 

In an interview with Sufri Bolkiah Secondary School’s head mistress Dk Hjh Norahizan Pg Hj Bungsu yesterday, she said the secret to her students’ success was their desire ‘to be independent individuals’.

 “We are an all-girls school and our students are very highly motivated in succeeding. They are high-achievers and have big dreams,” she said, adding that students at her school aspire to become pilots and engineers.

 “I think having a goal and target pushes students to excel,” she added. 

Schools making significant improvements in their O level exams received $5,000 each while special schools which maintained 100 per cent of five O levels between 2014 to 2015 were awarded with $3,000.

 Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Masna Secondary School was granted $7,000, after 55.28 per cent of its students achieved five O level credits during last year’s exam.

 Deputy Minister of Education Pg Dato Paduka Hj Bahrom Pg Hj Bahar presented the monetary rewards to the high-performing schools at the Sixth National Education Forum yesterday.

 The forum also witnessed representatives of the Nottingham based consultant agency handing over the Brunei Programme for Senior School Leaders (BPSSL) Programme and the ‘Brunei Darussalam School Leadership Standards User Guide’ (BDSLS) to the Deputy Minister of Education.

 BPSSL is a programme launched in March last year in collaboration between MoE with Institute for Leadership and Innovation and Advancement (ILIA) and National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL).

 Minister of Education, YB Pehin Orang Kaya Indera Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Hj Suyoi Hj Osman in his speech during the morning session said MoE and its partners have embarked on a training and professional development programme for school leaders in Brunei by introducing BPSSL.

 “It is expected that with knowledge and skills garnered from BPSSL, school leaders will continue to scale up the projects which they have started in the programme, benchmark best practices and continue to work on improving teaching and learning for your school,” he told teachers. 

A total of 181 school leaders have successfully completed the BPSSL.  Meanwhile, he hoped BDSLS can secure high quality school leadership that the Education Ministry need in order to achieve vision 2035.

 Dr Coleen Jackson ,consultant from NCTL in concluding yesterday’s Education Forum said BPSSL has yielded positive outcomes, highlighting that a survey conducted by ILIA and NCTL in January this year have shown significant number of pupils deemed to be weak in basic maths, doubled the number of passes.

 She said there were improvements in maths scores and creative writings, adding that 99 per cent school leaders in a survey claimed the programme changed the overall performance of their school.

The Brunei Times