UBD CoNECT to aid graduates find jobs outside Brunei

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam’s Centre for Networking, Employment and Career Training (CoNECT) will be helping graduates find jobs in countries other than Brunei.

CoNECT Manager Gavin Crewe said the centre plans to hold career fairs twice a year in April and October.

“This year it will be pushed back to August and in the consecutive year it will be on April and October.

“This will allow us time to establish connections with international industries,” he said in an interview.

He added that the career fair is targeted to cater for the January and September student intake.

Crewe said they had conducted a survey to find out the needs of the students and one of these needs is how to effectively write curriculum vitae and cover letters as well as interview and presentation techniques.

“When a graduate leaves the university, they are very academically proficient.

“Sometimes it’s just helping them understand how to market and structure themselves so that they can present what they can offer,” he added.

CoNECT was established to provide undergraduates or alumni with training services and global employment opportunities.

Crewe added that sharing sessions between students with employers and alumni will be conducted to give them an understanding of what is expected of them when they apply for jobs.

“Part of CoNECT’s development for 2016 is that it includes research into the industries of Brunei and also international employers regarding skills and experiences they are looking for from their perspective.

“This information will then be fed back to faculties as well as students to be incorporated into our workshops, events, internship placement to ensure students have the skills and experience needed to succeed in their chosen career,” added Crewe.

The Brunei Times