Russian firm seeking local partner in water treatment, green technology

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A RUSSIAN company dealing with water treatment and green technology for building materials is looking for a local partner here to work with them among the ASEAN region.

Morton Group of Companies Adviser to the president Andrey Karev told The Brunei Times their president had personally come to Brunei previously, and had identified some prospects here.

“Now, we are mostly interested in finding local partners to work with in the whole of the ASEAN region, and we are looking for joint ventures with Brunei and be a reliable partner,” he said.

Karev noted they have zoomed in on Brunei due to the “high reputation of Brunei politically”.

“We think that finding a local partner and establishing a joint venture can be a successful partnership for the whole of the ASEAN region,” he said.

Currently, Morton is keen on promoting two advanced technologies to the ASEAN region.

“The first is on water cleaning which we recognise is a big problem for Asia. We want to partner in building a plant used for cleaning industrial household water waste. The second one is on developing composite materials for construction,” he said.

Karev said not only are these construction materials green, but are also very profitable.

“The metal parts used in construction are replaced with composite parts. We have built several experimental houses in the suburb of Moscow with this technology. We also built a bridge in Scotland using these composite materials,” he said.

Karev was part of the Russian business mission who came here recently to seek business opportunities and partner with Bruneian companies and even expand to the global market.

“We are hoping to achieve an agreement with Brunei on this partnership. Just recently, we concluded five agreements in Malaysia on this, but those are local agreements. As for Brunei, we see Brunei as a global partner,” he said.

The Brunei Times