Theft most committed offence among Brunei’s youth

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THEFT was the most committed crime among the sultanate’s youth in the last two years, according to records by the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF).

Statistics provided by RBPF during the Social Issues’ Awareness seminar for Temburong’s primary school students yesterday showed that there were 25 cases of theft committed by children and teenagers last year.

This includes six offenders below the age of 13 while the remaining cases were committed by teenagers aged between 14 and17.

This was an increase from 22 cases in the previous year where four children (three boys and one girl) and 18 male teenagers committed the offence.

Vandalism was the second highest offence committed by youngsters in 2015 with 14 cases, followed by minor assault with 10 cases.

In 2014, the RBPF recorded minor assault as the second highest committed crime by youth with eight male offenders comprising three children and five teenagers.

DSP Hj Mohd Noor Hj Abd Rahman told The Brunei Times that the main objective of showing students the statistics was to make them aware that, even at young age, such offences are already being committed in Brunei.

The RBPF’s representative who delivered the talk at the seminar said that among many reasons that drive young offenders to commit such crimes are financial troubles, lack of religious teachings by family, as well as influences from media and peers.

He also described legal aspects and laws for such crimes.

Among others was theft which falls under Section 379, 380 and 381 of criminal offences in which offenders can be liable to three years of jail time or seven years if he/she commits theft in a building.

Representatives from the Community Development Department (JAPEM) and Narcotics Control Bureau (BKN) also spoke during the seminar.

They briefed students on prevalent social issues occurring in the sultanate such as bullying, loitering and drug abuse.

The seminar which saw participation of more than 100 students from five primary schools in the district also featured a mini-exhibition by the involved government agencies.

The seminar, held at the Community Hall Belalong, was organised by the Temburong District Office and will run again on Monday for a different group of the district’s primary school students.

The Brunei Times