Farming firm plans to set up charity fund

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LOCAL rice farming company Asia Enterprise is planning to set up a charity fund for orphans, special needs people, the elderly and less fortunate, said its general manager recently.

Chai Yum Fatt, 61, said the move would allow him to continue to contribute to the community, having recently left his post as vice president of the Brunei Darussalam Red Crescent Society.

“The funds for the charity will be raised from Asia Enterprise itself and the companies under it,” said Chai during a recent interview.

The company has regularly donated to non-governmental organisations and government agencies helping those in need, and Chai said the setting up of the fund would help consolidate and prioritise these efforts.

“With this fund, we will be able to work more closely (on charity) with the Community Development Department, the district office to see how best we can reach out to those who need our help,” said Chai.

He added that the company is also separately looking into how they can contribute to teaching young Bruneians who are interested about the farming industry.

“Teaching the younger generation is something worth investing in and with farming, we have the resources,” he said.

The latest development under Asia Enterprise is its subsidiary AE Asia Agri-Mart opening a one-stop shop in Bengkurong for agricultural machinery, equipment and plantation products by the end of year. The development at the site is valued at $3 million, and will cover an area over 80,000 square feet over five acres of land.

The Brunei Times