‘True believers fear Allah’

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FEAR of the creator could prevent someone from performing an evil act and routinely motivates them to perform all things that are commanded in Islam, said imams during the Friday sermon.

“When believers hear the name of Allah SWT mentioned, their hearts will tremble because they are overcome with fear.”

Fear of the creator is one of the characteristics that only a religious person or believer possesses, said imams.

“Those whose hearts are constantly remembering the creator will not forget Him in happy and difficult times because He has promised to give them guidance and protection.

The sermon added that there are two groups of believers: those whose faith is firm, strong and genuine and those whose faith is weak.

“A strong believer whose faith is firm does not only believe in Allah SWT with his heart and attest to it with his tongue but he also performs all of Allah’s commands and avoids all of His prohibitions.”

Meanwhile, a believer whose faith is weak is someone who merely believes in Allah SWT with his heart, believes in and attests to His existence and admits to it with his tongue by pronouncing the attestation of faith.

“A lifestyle that is contrary to the morals and laws of Islam could weaken the faith of its believers,” imams said.

A believer should practice five things in order to become a true believer: Constantly remembering Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala (zikr), performing prayers, reliance on Allah SWT (Tawakkal), spending a portion of one’s wealth or provision from Allah on charity and good causes such as helping the poor and listening to and reading Al-Quran so their faith is strengthened.

Imams also said having faith in and religious zeal toward the creator is an obligation upon every Muslim in order to become a true believer as opposed to those hypocrites who claim to have faith but in reality do not believe.

The sermon reminded congregants that Muslims should examine themselves and be determined and endeavour in becoming true believers.

The Brunei Times