‘Strive to read, recite Quran properly’

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MUSLIMS must have the desire to read and recite the Quran accurately, said a visiting qari (male Quran reciter) from Egypt.

Speaking to students during his visit to Beribi Religious School yesterday, Ustaz Dr Sheikh Abdul Fattah Ali At-Thoruthi said Muslims must also have proper etiquette when reading and reciting the Quran.

This includes being in a state of cleanliness and performing wudhu (ablution), using the right hand when reading the Quran and reading with tajweed (the knowledge and application of the rules of recitation and articulacy).

“We must read the Quran in full concentration and understand its contents, its meaning.”

“The Quran must also be treated like a crown that we must wear, protect and do our best to present it accurately,” he said.

Ustaz Dr Sheikh Abdul Fattah also stressed the importance of seeking blessings from Allah SWT.

“(One of the ways that) we can seek blessings is by reading and reciting the Quran and sharing it with each other and the community.”

He then proceeded to read several verses from the Quran for students of the Tilawah Al-Quran Scheme for teens (STAR).

The aim of the visit was for students to acquire knowledge on reading the Quran, particularly on tarannum (a style of reading the Quran through singing), tajweed, fasahah (fluency) and vocal projection.

The Acting Assistant Director (Education Institution) of the Islamic Studies Department under the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Ustaz Hj Shamshol Hj Omar, said the visit was also to give the students opportunities to improve their reading skills.

The Brunei Times