No RM20 fee for border crossing

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MALAYSIA’S Road Transport Department in Sarawak yesterday refuted rumours that Bruneian registered cars would soon be required to pay RM20 every time they cross the border to East Malaysia.

An official said Malaysia is still looking to implement a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) for all foreign-registered vehicles entering East Malaysia, which would require a one-time registration fee of RM10.

However, the official who declined to be named, could not confirm when the Vehicle Entry Permit will be introduced.

Foreign-registered vehicles currently pay RM10 for using the ASEAN bridge in Miri, located a kilometre from Malaysia’s Sg Tujoh Control Post.

Registration for the Vehicle Entry Permit includes the vehicle owner’s contact details to allow any notices such as traffic summons to be mailed to offenders.

The Vehicle Entry Permit differs from the existing vehicle pass issued by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, which is the only vehicle document currently needed for Bruneian-registered cars to cross the border.

The Malaysian official said Bruneian-registered cars entering East Malaysia do not need to pay any fees at present, as Brunei and Malaysia have a special arrangement where they are only issued a vehicle pass for entrance.

The Malaysian government had said the Vehicle Entry Permit is being introduced in stages at Malaysia's 12 entry points, with Brunei grouped with Indonesia under the third phase, while Singapore and Thailand are in the first and second phases respectively.

Singapore’s The Straits Times reported that the entry fee of RM20 is required for every foreign-registered car entering Johor, on top of a one-time Vehicle Entry Permit registration fee of RM10.

However, vehicles that were supposed to be registered by October last year was pushed back to give way for the Malaysian authorities to develop a radio-frequency identification tag that was clone- and tamper-proof.

The Brunei Times