Indonesian embassy: Be wary of third party agents

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THE Indonesian Embassy here called on its nationals to be vigilant to persons who claim that they are acting on behalf of the embassy when providing services related to passport renewal or legalisation of official documents.

The embassy said that it has never appointed an agent or a third party to get the aformentioned services done.

This advisory was posted on Thursday on the embassy’s official website _and other social media platforms such as its Facebook page and twitter account.

Counsellor at the embassy Endy Ghafur Fadyl said yesterday that the advisory was issued to prevent any unwanted incidents from happening.

“We want to avoid a practice of obtaining extra fees (other than the normal payment) collected by persons who (say that they) are acting on behalf of the embassy,” said Endy.

“Should you need to renew your passports or get your official documents legalised, please come directly (to the embassy). The process is simple and I can assure you that your documents will be completed in a maximum of two days,” he said, adding that, “No need to use services provided by third parties.”

Having the third party get the paperwork done at the embassy seems to be common practice among people due to work commitments.

An Indonesian, who requested to be named as Syafei said an agent offered to help him renew his child’s passpoer last year for $150.

The 46-year-old who is currently working as a driver said he did not take the option due to the high cost but instead asked for help from a fellow countryman.

Asked why he had not gone to the embassy himself, Syafei said he was busy at work and he trusted his friend.

At that time he paid $10 which is the payment for the renewal of a 24-page passport charged by the embassy.

He also gave a little extra amount of money to his friend who helped him to get the work done.

The Brunei Times