Bruneians in Egypt help raise more than $4,500 for orphans

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BRUNEI undergraduates were part of a group of ASEAN university students in Egypt that raised more than $4,500 for orphans in Tanta, one of the country’s most populated cities.

The charity drive, called “Ehna Ma’ak” (We Are With You), was organised by the Malaysian Muslim Welfare Fund Foundation of Egypt Club and took place from April 7-8.

Members of the Brunei Student Welfare Association in Cairo travelled to an orphanage in Tanta, 94 kilometres north of Cairo, to donate school supplies, kitchen equipment, and food purchased with the money to 130 orphans and 70 residents of the city.

The charity drive brought together nearly 150 foreign undergraduates from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia who study at six universities across Egypt.

According to one of the participants, Mohamad Faris Abdul Ghani, the charity programme helps foster a sense of togetherness and belonging among ASEAN students in Egypt.

“Our hope is that this programme can be continued annually,” said the first-year medical student.

“We expect more contributions and donations in the coming year...which will help reduce the burden of fellow Muslims. In accordance with the words of the Prophet: ‘The best man among you is the one that is most helpful to other people’.”

The Brunei Times