Belait air quality moderate

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BELAIT’S air quality remained moderate for the past three days, with its Pollutant Standard Index (PSI) continuing to fluctuate within the range of 50 to more than 60.

Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe) yesterday stated that Belait recorded the highest PSI reading of 65 at 7am yesterday, followed by Tutong at 64.

The readings however declined throughout the day, as the final readings at 4pm showed that Belait’s PSI reading stood at 56 and Tutong’s at 50.

JASTRe had previously explained that the PSI readings below 50 are good, while readings between 50 to 100 are moderate.

The Brunei Times had monitored the PSI readings over the three days, while Tutong’s PSI readings went back and forth from good to moderate, Belait’s remained consistently moderate all the time.

Readings for Brunei-Muara and Temburong stood at 27 and 20 respectively.

As reported in Bernama, Miri was hit with a severe haze on Wednesday, but duty forecaster said that Brunei will most likely not be affected by it, as the Northeasterly winds may blow the smoke away from the sultanate.

Belait faced a slight haze on Thursday, which disipated with a rainfall around noon.

The duty forecaster strongly indicated that it might be from the recent fire in the district but did not dismiss the possibility of it originating from Miri.

Forest fire has been a common reoccurrence in the district sinceJanuary, this year.

A few areas are still affected. This includes the Sungai Bera industrial site.

A bushfire also broke out yesterday nearby a residential area in Kg Baru, although firefighters were quick to extinguish the flames.

The Brunei Times