Beach Bunch plants 500 saplings for World Earth Day

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MORE tree saplings have been planted along the beach side at the Berakas Forest Reserve Recreational Park to make up for the lost trees from infrastructural development and forest fires.

Wina Hafiza Hj Sallehuddin, a senior member of the non-governmental association Beach Bunch, said, on the sidelines of the Earth Day celebration yesterday, that development and fires have caused the world to lose a lot of trees.

Beach Bunch planted 500 tree samplings at the beach to observe the annual celebration themed ‘Trees for Life’.

The tree saplings were provided by the Department of Forestry under the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism.

Wina Hafiza said Brunei has been losing trees recently from forest fires as the country faces a dry season.

She said forest fires and development have resulted in Brunei not having enough trees.

She said action must be taken early to ensure Brunei and the world continues to have trees as it is important for all living organisms. She said the trees are important as it provides oxygen, food and shelter.

“Trees give food, they give shelter from heat and trees give us oxygen to breathe. If we don’t have trees, we would not have oxygen, food and shelter,” she said.

Wina Hafiza urged the public to take action by planting trees at their homes, especially fruit trees.

She said the public would benefit from growing their own fruit trees because they would have their own source of food.

She went on to say that it will also benefit the future generation and the country as the trees will help fight climate change.

The trees pull carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen, she said.

During the celebration yesterday, the 165 volunteers proceeded to clean up the beach after planting the tree saplings.

The Brunei Times