‘Take precautionary steps amid hot weather’

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THE Ministry of Health (MoH) has advised the public to take steps to safeguard to their health and well-being amid the hot weather conditions the country is currently experiencing.

The ministry, in a statement issued yesterday, said the current hot and dry weather conditions have affected countries in the northern hemisphere including Brunei and could “potentially cause health problems if necessary steps to mitigate it are not taken”.

People residing in Brunei are told to ensure rooms are always maintained in cool conditions, preferably below 32 degrees Celsius during the day and below 24 degrees Celsius at night - this applies especially for children, senior citizens and those suffering from chronic illnesses.

The public are also reminded to avoid going out or perform strenuous physical activities under the sun; however, if absolutely required, members of the public should conduct outdoor activities shaded from direct sunlight, the statement said.

Whenever experiencing muscle spasms in the stomach area, feet or hands – especially after physical activities during the hot weather – immediately take rest in a cool room.

Those suffering from muscle spasms for more than one hour or are experiencing abnormal symptoms, are advised to seek medical attention from a doctor immediately,

The statement said when feeling dizzy, weak, or extremely thirsty, the public is advised to swiftly move into a cool area and not to leave anyone in the car and under direct sunlight.

The ministry added ladded that citizens should always stay hydrated by regularly drinking water and to wear loose clothing that is not too thick with a hat and dark sunglasses when going out. According to the Meteorological Department, Brunei will experience thunder showers in the following week mainly in the inland areas.

“These inland areas may include areas such as Temburong and Kuala Belait, on top of that, Brunei will also be slightly hazy for two or three days next week,” Duty Forecaster Hassanul Kamal Hj Adam said.

The Brunei Times