School gets fire safety briefing

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A FIRE safety briefing was held yesterday at Lumapas Religious School.

On hand to present the talk were Station Officer Matasan Yusof and Senior Fireman (ABK) Rustam Efandi Hj Metusin, two public relations officers of the Fire and Rescue Department’s Operation Branch D, who said that pupils and teachers are required to vacate the school building in an orderly manner within three minutes of hearing the fire alarm in the event of emergency.

The target of clearing the building in three minutes is based on the emergency evacuation procedures set by the Fire and Rescue Department as the blaze can quickly spread and burn the building, especially a wooden one.

In case of fire, said Rustam Efandi, teachers will become fire wardens. Teachers should direct the pupils immediately to the designated assembly point and ensure that all classrooms have been cleared. Once everyone is gathered in the assembly point area, the teachers must again take attendance of their students as they do before classes start, he added.

“Once you leave the building, don’t re-enter it for any reason,” he told the participants.

The briefing also featured a question and answer session followed by a fire drill on the school’s premises.

The headmistress of Lumapas Religious School, Hjh Kasum Hj Maidin, said 465 pupils attended the talk and fire drill. The event aimed to provide the basics of fire prevention for both pupils and teachers.

“This talk has given us a better understanding on what should be done in the event of an emergency, including that teachers shouldn’t panic.”

The Brunei Times