Three teenagers jailed for illegally entering house and stealing

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THREE boys were each sentenced to an imprisonment term yesterday after they pleaded guilty to theft.

The trio Muhammad Aiman Morni, 18, Muhammad Sahrul Hardi Muhammad Mustafa, 19 and Hairolazmie, 19, were each sentenced to serve 12 months in jail for the joint charge of entering a house at the BSP Housing in Panaga, Seria and stealing several mobile phones, a tablet, a camera and a car on April 14.

Muhammad Aiman was further ordered to serve three months in jail for another theft at the Shell Housing in Panaga, Seria on April 7.

In total, Muhammad Sahrul Hardi and Hairolazmie were ordered to serve the 12-month imprisonment sentence while Muhammad Aiman is to serve 15 months in jail with immediate effect.

During the proceeding on Thursday last week, the teenagers admitted to entering the house on the evening of April 14 this year and stole items while the owner was sleeping.

They further admitted to using the car key and stole the Toyota Fortuner that was parked outside the house.

Despite changing the license plate, Muhammad Aiman was arrested by police when they found the defendant driving the car that matched the description of the complainant’s missing vehicle.

During the investigation, Muhammad Aiman admitted that he intended to sell the items to purchase drugs. Meanwhile, most of the stolen items have been recovered by police except for one mobile phone.

Muhammad Aiman further admitted to another theft on April 7 this year when he entered a house in Shell Housing Panaga and stole a CD player, a game console and a jewellery set.

The Brunei Times