Special education teachers visit Kuching

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TEACHERS and officials from Ministry of Education’s Special Education Unit visited Kuching recently to learn more about its inclusive education policies.

The 27-member delegation conducted a four-day working visit to the Sarawak capital city’s National Special Education School, where they were briefed on special education policies and practices.

A press statement from the Special Education Unit yesterday said the officials learned about various projects and initiatives dedicated to promoting inclusion of children with special needs in mainstream schools.

Brunei also presented a brief overview of the country’s current policy on inclusive education.

The officials also shared some best practices and challenges including the exploration of potential areas for future collaboration.

The delegation also exchanged ideas on how both parties can work together to better support the learning needs of children with visual impairment in schools.

They also visited the Society for the Blind and learn how the blind and low vision members of Kuching are integrated into society through training and rehabilitation programmes.

Leading the Brunei delegation was the coordinator of the Support Services for Children with Visual Impairment at the Special Education Unit, Hj Roslan Hj Zulkefli.

The Brunei Times