Duo charged for breaking into military officer’s house

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THE Intermediate Court will be delivering its sentencing on a man after the 21-year old pleaded guilty yesterday to breaking into a military personnel’s home last year.

The court document submitted by Deputy Public Prosecutor Mohammad Danial DSP Hj Kifrawi stated that on the night of January 24, the defendant Mohammad Suhaimi Mohd Sufri, 21, broke into the house of a Commanding officer of the First Battalion of the Gurkha Armed Forces, Turker Lines.

After gaining entry into the house, Mohammad Suhaimi and co-accused Kadir Mohammad Safiee proceeded to steal an Apple iPad Mini, an Apple iPad 2, an Apple iPhone 4 and a Nikon Digital Camera.

Shortly after, the complainant woke up from his sleep and noticed the two strangers in his house.

The complainant then shouted at the men and the duo ran and jumped out of a window and took off from the complainant’s house with his items.

Police investigation revealed that Mohammad Suhaimi and the other person had left their footwear in the premises of the complainant’s house near the open window.

All of the stolen items were later recovered by police.

Meanwhile, co-accused Kadir had earlier pleaded guilty to the housebreaking charge and is currently serving a 24-month jail term and two strokes of the cane.

The Brunei Times