Students donate to KUPU SB

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STUDENTS of Seri Begawan Religious Teachers College (KUPU SB) students handed over donations to the varsity yesterday as part of their Waqaf Tarbiyah 2016 co-curriculum project.

A press statement from the university said the project aimed to promote awareness among the students on the importance of doing charity work.

It added that the co-curriculum project was an initiative to work together in improving the quality of education at KUPU SB.

In her speech prior to the handing over of the donations, co-chair of the curriculum project, Rafidah Hj Duraman, said making donations is a good deed that is highly encouraged for Muslims.

“The donations will benefit the donor after death in the form of rewards that will continue until the day of judgement, as long as the donated wealth is used towards goodness and gives benefit to the community, especially the Muslim community,” she added.

Through the project, Rafidah said they received two work benches, 24 boxes of books, 10 packs of A4 paper, 10 packs of printer ink, 40 units of white board markers, three mini study tables, and 20 sets of whiteboard erasers.

Other donated items include two Quran reading stands, a digital wireless portable microphone, one wireless microphone system, five fans, one laptop, and three projectors.

Meanwhile, KUPU SB also held a ceremony yesterday outside its Faculty of Education building to mark the completion of a landscaped garden as part of a beautification project for the faculty’s surroundings.

The ‘Tajmeel Kulliyyah At-Tarbiyyah’ (Beautification of the Faculty of Education Project) was carried out under the school’s co-curriculum management course for students pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Religious Education.

“This greenery project is a noble deed in the sight of Allah SWT. Moreover, the Prophet SAW also stressed the importance of greenery,” said the chairman of the event, Nurul Hayat Hj Md Kassim, a student from the Graduate Diploma in Religious Teaching programme.

Nurul Hayat quoted a hadith from Sahih al-Bukhari in which Prophet Muhammad SAW said “if a Muslim plants a tree or sows seeds and then a bird or a person or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as sedekah (a charitable gift) for him.”

“This means that a Muslim who plants a tree or sows seeds will never lose in the sight of Allah SWT as the plant’s benefits will be felt by humans, the earth, as well as animals,” she said.

She added that “plants that we have sown which are taken by anyone, whether in a good way or otherwise, will enable us to gain multiple rewards from Allah SWT”.

According to a press statement from KUPU SB, the project aimed to develop a love of the environment among members of KUPU SB.

During the ceremony yesterday, Acting Ra’es of KUPU SB Dr Hj Adanan Hj Basar planted a longan fruit sapling by the newly landscaped garden while the assistant Raes, Dr Abang Hj Hadzmin Abang Hj Taha, planted a soursop sapling.

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