PGGMB to attend teachers’ convention in South Korea

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THE Brunei Malay Teachers Association (PGGMB) will join its regional counterparts in discussing ways to improve the quality of education during a meeting in South Korea later this year.

PGGMB President Hj Antin Ahad said about 30 PGGMB members will take part in the ASEAN Council of Teachers Plus One Convention in Seoul, which will see a Brunei representative presenting a country report.

In a recent interview, Hj Antin said PGGMB will invite an officer from the Ministry of Education to present the report during the convention from September 18-20. He said the association will choose a speaker who is still in service with the ministry to share experiences and current developments in Brunei’s education system.

“Regardless of whether the person is a PGGMB member or not, it’s important to get those who are still working to speak so that the information shared at the convention will be up-to-date.

“We also plan to write to the Ministry of Education to let them know about the convention and invite teachers who wish to participate. However, those who are interested will have to do so on their own expenses,” he added.

The president added that the convention will also provide opportunities for participants to expand their knowledge on the development of education in ASEAN and South Korea and establish networks. The Bruneian delegates will join their ASEAN counterparts, together with participants from South Korea as an ASEAN dialogue partner, in discussing the theme, ‘Expansion of Quality Education in ASEAN and Korea through Character and Global Citizenship Education’. The ASEAN Council of Teachers Plus One Convention is held every year to discuss and share ideas to develop teachers’ proficiency in a global learning environment.

More than 500 participants including educators, scholars and policymakers from South Korea and ASEAN countries are expected to attend the meeting. Meanwhile, PGGMB yesterday said it will hold an election on May 22 to select its Supreme Council members for the 2016-2019 session.

In a statement, the association said the election date was announced at the first committee meeting at its headquarters.

“PGGMB’s executive posts that are to be contested are president, deputy president, chairman, secretary-general and secretary of finance.

Some 1,600 PGGMB members are eligible to cast their votes. The venues for the polling stations will be disclosed at a later date,” the statement read.

The voting will run from 8am to 3pm, while the results will be announced during the association’s 66th annual general meeting at PGGMB Sungai Akar School on May 29.

The Brunei Times