Over 500 clothes to be tailored for ‘Satu Baju Satu Senyuman’

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THE ‘Satu Baju Satu Senyuman’ charity project will be tailoring a total of 579 pairs of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri clothes for orphans in the Brunei-Muara district.

Organised by Battle Pro Marketing and Management Services, the project allows members of the public to pay for Hari Raya Aidil Fitri clothes for orphans.

According to Hj Syed Mohd Yassin Hj Syed Anayatullah Shah from Battle Pro Marketing and Management Services, for every baju cara melayu (traditional Malay attire for males) or baju kurung (traditional Malay attire for females) made at an appointed tailor, the customer will also be getting a second pair of custom-made attire for an orphan.

For the charity event, the organisers have engaged the tailoring services of Syarikat Dayang Limah dan Anak-Anak.

“If a family makes 10 sets of Hari Raya attires, then another 10 sets will also be made for 10 orphans. This is the whole idea of the project – to give back to orphans.”

Hj Syed Mohd Yassin said before the festive season approaches, it has become a norm for members of the public to donate fabric to orphans to be made into Hari Raya Aidil Fitri clothes.

“We tend to overlook whether they can afford tailoring fee... Because of this we started the ‘Satu Baju Satu Senyuman’ project. We wanted to make sure that the orphans get the fabric and get the clothes made for them with zero cost.”

A donation ceremony took place yesterday at the Brunei-Muara district office where Hj Syed Mohd Yassin handed over a mock donation for the 579 pairs of clothing to the Acting Brunei-Muara District Officer Misle Hj Abd Karim

During the ceremony, recipients had the opportunity to choose which fabric they wanted and were then measured by the tailors.

“The clothes will be ready for collection at the tailor shop within a week or two,” said Hj Syed Mohd Yassin.

“Initially we targeted to get 1,000 orders made. (But) 579 is a good amount, Alhamdulillah.”

He said they are still receiving demands to donate from members of the public.

“We cannot accept any donations at the moment. However, we will be holding another event – Karnival Kembara Islam, from April 28 until May 1.”

“We will be opening slots for the ‘Satu Baju Satu Senyuman’ charity project for members of the public to donate.

“Hopefully by then we can reach the target of 1,000 orders and raise more awareness.”

Meanwhile a total of $3,223 was collected through Battle Pro Marketing and Management Services’s ‘kain waqaf’ project.

“There were people who wished to donate, so we created this project to receive monetary contribution. The public can donate $15 for one set of clothing. The donations will be used to buy fabric for the orphans.”

Hj Syed Mohd Yassin said they have also received suggestions to organise a similar project to collect donations and tailor school uniforms.

“We also have plans with the District Office to create a project where (the public can) buy one sungkai meal (breaking fast) buffet for them and one for an orphan. This is one of the few projects (currently in the pipeline).”

The Brunei Times