Man charged with resisting arrest released on bail

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A 30-YEAR-OLD man accused of resisting arrest was yesterday released on $4,000 bail pending the next mention of his case while the charge is being finalised.

During the proceedings yesterday, prosecuting officer Vuina Song indicated they will likely also be filing additional charges of mischief and trespassing against Mohammad Hafizuddien Aqil Abdullah Qayyum Sia Abdullah.

According to the court document, Hafizuddien was accused of kicking a police officer’s right leg while resisting arrest on April 13. The prosecution also said Hafizuddien’s medical report would be available by the next mention of the case on April 20.

On late Thursday, a severely bruised Hafizuddien was brought to court following his arrest. According to the prosecution, he was armed with a parang (machete) when he went to a house in Beribi on April 13 and acted aggressively toward someone there.

The prosecuting officer went on to say that when the police were called to arrest Hafizuddien, he put up resistance, which led to a police officer getting injured. He continued to put up resistance when he was put into the police car and was hitting his head on the car. He was brought to the hospital the same day as his arrest.

Prosecution indicated that the police were unable to get any statement from the defendant as he was feeling unwell.

Presiding Chief Magistrate Muhammed Faisal PDJLD DSP Hj Kefli noticed the defendant’s face was severely bruised, and when asked, Hafizuddien told the court he was beaten up in the Crime Investigation Department room after he was brought back from the hospital that evening.

Hafizuddien said he will cooperate after he goes to the hospital again.

The Brunei Times