Duo receive fines for immigration offences

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A LOCAL woman was fined yesterday after she admitted to re-entering Brunei without producing her passport at the immigration post while her friend was fined for helping her commit the offence.

Qurratu’aini Bazlaa Azman, 22, together with co-accused Mohd Ajiman POKJAIDDP Hj Mashor, were brought in for questioning when customs officers found her hiding on the backseat floor of Mohd Ajiman’s car during an inspection at the Kuala Lurah Control Post.

The investigation found that Qurratu’aini had entered Limbang, Sarawak on June 22, 2014 when she exited Brunei through Kg Berbuloh without her passport. In her statement, Qurratu’aini admitted that her passport was being kept by her employer for making arrangements to attend a course in Dubai.

Mohd Ajiman knew Qurratu’aini didn’t have her passport when she exited Brunei but still agreed to bring her back to Brunei. He told her to hide in the back of his vehicle and proceeded to exit Limbang, Sarawak and enter Brunei without being detected by the immigration officer on duty.

While at the customs clearance, however, customs officers found Qurratu’aini hiding on the back passenger seat floor following an inspection of Mohd Ajiman’s car.

During the proceedings yesterday, Qurratu’aini was fined $500 for entering Brunei without a passport while Mohd Ajiman was fined $1,000 for assisting her in the commission of the immigration offence.

Qurratu’aini was given until April 30 to pay the fine or serve four weeks in prison while Mohd Ajiman was given until May 7 to settle his fine or serve eight weeks in prison.

The Brunei Times