Duo fined total of $30,000 for possessing untaxed goods

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TWO men were fined a total of $30,000 yesterday after pleading guilty to possessing untaxed cigarettes and alcohol.

Ak Abdul Hafiz Pg Zulkifli, 25, and Mohd Hafizulizuan Mohd Kamaluddin, 24, were brought in for questioning on April 8 this year after customs officers at the Kuala Lurah Control post found cigarettes and alcohol in various parts of their car after they told the officers they had nothing to declare.

The customs officers found a total of 87 cartons and three packets of cigarettes and 15 cans and a bottle of beer inside their Suzuki Swift.

During the investigation, Ak Abdul Hafiz admitted to being in possession of eight cans of beer and 44 cartons and three packets of cigarettes while co-accused Mohd Hafizulizuan admitted that 43 cartons of cigarettes and seven cans and a bottle of beer belonged to him.

The total excise duty for the contraband was $4,251.

After entering their respective guilty pleas yesterday, the duo each received a $15,000 fine and were ordered to pay monthly installments of $500 or serve 12 months in prison if they missed a single payment.

Following the proceedings, the court further ordered for the contraband to be forfeited to the state.

The Brunei Times