US selects MoFaT official for leadership programme

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A MINISTRY of Foreign Affairs and Trade official has been selected to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) in the United States.

Abhar Munawar Pehin Dato Dr Hj Ahmad will participate in a regional project that focuses on the world’s oceans and the Law of the Sea, according to a statement from the US embassy here.

Throughout the programme from from April 18 to May 6, he will travel to Washington, New York, Seattle and Honolulu.

A US embassy official said the visits will include universities, trade associations, ports, government offices and cultural sites.

She added that the visits will help Abhar Munawar learn more about the country, including its economic and government system.

Participants of the project will also explore the Third United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS III).

They will then analyse the history shaping current maritime issues in the region and examine conflict resolution and arbitration methods successfully used to achieve international settlements, the US embassy said.

Abhar Munawar will also join other exchange participants from countries across the Asia-Pacific, including government officials, academics and civil society leaders.

“I am looking forward to the programme. Working and interacting with the government officials and academics from the US will allow me to not only build relationships, but also learn more about US culture from a local perspective,” he was quoted as saying in the statement.

Abhar also met with US Ambassador to Brunei Craig Allen, who congratulated him for being selected for the programme.

“This programme offers exceptional opportunities to outstanding Bruneians who wish to develop their professional qualifications while learning more about the US and its people and its policies,” the ambassador said in the statement.

The embassy official said another individual will also attend an International Visitor programme that focuses on tourism and economic development later this year.

The Brunei Times