M’sian woman convicted of using mum’s passport to enter Brunei

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A MALAYSIAN woman has been convicted of trying to use her mother’s passport in order to gain entry into Brunei.

Housewife Izzati Fitriyah Abdullah Yong, 37, pleaded with the court on Thursday for a non-custodial sentence because she was suffering from lymphoma and would like to spend her remaining days with her eight-year-old child.

She told the court that she did not try to use her mother’s passport intentionally, but that her illness made her tired and she mistakenly took the passport.

Court documents state that Izzati was travelling with her husband and child to Miri, Sarawak via the Sg Tujoh border and presented her mother’s passport for inspection at the immigration counter.

The immigration officer became suspicious and asked the defendant if the passport bearing the name ‘Bong Phin Fa’ belonged to her, and she replied that it did. She was then detained by immigration officials for further investigation.

The maximum penalty for the offence is five years’ jail and a $10,000 fine. The defendant will be sentenced by the court today.

The Brunei Times