Many Bruneians unclear on flag hoisting rules

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MANY members of the public are unaware of certain rules when hoisting the national flag, an Information Department official said.

Hj Dayang Hj Kasim, head of the department’s Nationhood Section, said the public are required to raise the national flag not more than 20 feet from the ground.

For titled persons, their flags must be hoisted up to 30 feet.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Information Department’s mini carnival at the Times Square Shopping Centre, he said flag poles must be set up with a support structure as having a support structure for flag poles is more appropriate.

He said observing the rules of hoisting the national flag is important to show patriotism.

Members of the public are encouraged to hoist their flags daily.

“Instead of leaving the flag up for the whole time, the public are encouraged to hoist their flags in the morning and take it down in the late afternoon or evening.

“Under the hot sun and rain, colours of the flag might fade so if we hoist it daily, this would prevent the colours from fading,” Hj Dayang added.

The Information Department set up a booth at the mini carnival to educate the public on the variety of flags that are unique for titled persons in the country.

He said the public can stop by and learn about the differences of each flag by approaching officers at the booth.

Anisah Ali, a Micronet International College student, said it is important for youth to learn about the different personal flags for titled persons or aristocrats.

“To be honest, I only knew about one personal flag which is for Pengiran-Pengiran in the country. After seeing the exhibition, I am interested to know what each flag represents.”

The 19-year-old said she found it interesting that every flag had different colours and symbols and was interested to find out what each colour and symbol represented.

“Maybe the booth can provide leaflets on each flag – that would be useful for everyone. I think it’s important for all of us to learn it because it’s not something we see everyday.”

Retired civil servant Wahab Musa said it was good to raise awareness that there are various flags through the booth.

“I think youth nowadays tend to overlook things like this so to have an exhibition is great,” said the 59-year-old

“I myself also got to learn something new today about my country and the variety of flags. The exhibition has also allowed me to refresh my memory on our national flag.”

Also finding the booth informative was 29-year-old civil servant Muhammad Yuskhamri Yusof.

“Talking to the officers made me realise that there are rules that we tend to overlook especially on taking care of our flags.”

“We only hoist it during national events or when we are required to. I used to think that it was alright if the colours fade but now it has made me think that taking care of the flag is part of being patriotic,” he said.

The Brunei Times