Bruneian places second in Egypt Quran meet

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A BRUNEIAN made history on Thursday by winning second place in a category at the 23rd International Quran Recital Competition (Musabaqah Al-Quran) organised by Egypt’s Ministry of Awqaf.

In a press statement sent by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Mohd Najib Hj Ali Akhbar became the first runner up with a score of 98.15 per cent in the category of ‘Reciting 15 Juz of the Al-Quran for Non-Arabic Speaking Countries’.

Mohd Najib is an undergraduate from Mahad Qiraat Al-Azhar in Syoubra, Egypt, studying Takhassus Al-Quran and Qiraat.

The 21-year-old was among 40 individuals from all over the world who competed in the same category.

The results were announced on Thursday during the closing ceremony and attending the event to present the prizes was the Awqaf Minister of Egypt, Al-Fadhil Dr Mohamed Mokhtar Jum’ah.

The competition ran for five days starting from April 10 and was held at the Youth and Sports Centre in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

In an email interview with The Brunei Times, Najib said he felt very happy and wanted to thank Allah SWT for the achievement which was also the product of the blessing of the Quran, hard work and prayer.

He also wanted to thank his parents, family, teachers and friends for their prayers and for always giving him moral support and motivation.

“My recent achievement is not the end. It is only the beginning as I would like to work harder in guarding my Quranic memorisations and improving my tajwid (pronounciation),” he said.

He also hoped that he would have more opportunities to compete in international Quran memorisation competitions and be able to make the country proud in the future.

He hoped that his achievement would help motivate Bruneian youth to memorise the Quran as the Quran is a guide for Muslims and will be an intercessor on the day of judgement for those who practice its teachings.

The Brunei Times