‘The Quran must be read correctly and clearly’

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THE Quran must be read and recited correctly and clearly, so as not to create any sort of ambiguity or misunderstanding.

“It is important for children to be taught to correctly and clearly recite (the Quran) from a young age,” said Quran teacher from the Nusa Laila Puteri School, Gadong branch, Hety Handayani Hj Abdur Rachman.

She said children should be taught mahrouj (pronunciation of letters), tajweed (the knowledge and application of the rules of recitation and articulacy) and melody.

“We must instil this not only in our children but ourselves as well that when reading and reciting the Quran, it has to be correct.”

Hety Handayani was speaking on the sidelines of a Quranic verses reading competition for the Girl Guides Associations of the Brunei-Muara district yesterday at the Lambak Kanak Jalan 49 Primary School.

“During these competitions, the school chooses the best participants. They usually are already good with tajweed and mahrouj... we usually just need to teach them how to improve their melody.”

She said getting the melody correct is also important to ensure the meaning of the Ayat (verse) will be correct.

Fellow Quran teacher Hjh Amsiah Hj Jopri said many of her students struggle with reading the Quran correctly.

“I teach Quran at my residence twice a week and most of the children that participate in my classes don’t read and recite as correctly as they should.

“Before we start lessons, I ask my students to recite a verse or two and found that they either pronounce shorter or longer than it should be,” she said.

Hjh Amsiah said she immediately corrects her student’s reading and recitation and informs them why they are incorrect.

“I explain to them how they are reading it wrong and which part. This is to ensure that they understand what needs to be corrected.

“It is important for teachers not to scold, but to inform the students gently and give them constructive criticism to motivate them to learn more. InsyaAllah this can ignite their love for reading the Quran.”

A total of 15 girl guides participated in the competition in two categories – Pandu Puteri Tunas category and Pandu Puteri and Ranger Puteri category.

The Pandu Puteri Tunas is a competition for primary school students while Pandu Puteri and Ranger Puteri is for secondary school students.

Coming in first place for the Pandu Puteri Tunas category was Fadilatul Husnannida Achmad Muchlison from Nusa Laila Puteri School, Jangsak branch, with 91 per cent.

For the Pandu Puteri and Ranger Puteri category, first place went to Nurul Aini Hj Rosde from the Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Damit Female Secondary Arabic Religious School with 93 per cent.

The first place winners will be competing at the national level on May 15.

The Brunei Times