Schools to compete in monitoring water use

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THE Department of Water Services through its Water Conservation Unit will hold a ‘School Water Auditing Competition’ in the middle of this year.

Iylia’ Syazana Shabandi, chief technical assistant at the Water Conservation Unit, told The Brunei Times that the competition will be held in collaboration with the Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre of the Ministry of Education.

The competition, which will be the first of its kind to take place, is set to commence in June and will be open to secondary schools nationwide, said Iylia’, adding that registration will be opened once STEP approves the Water Conservation Unit’s “school water auditing guidelines”.

According to Iylia’, the competition will see students monitoring water usage activities in their schools four times a month.

“From these examinations of the school’s water utilities and water meters, the students will be required to write reports and investigate if there are any discrepancies in water usage at their schools,” she said.

Based on all the data they’ve gathered, they will then have to come up with their own initiatives or plans on how to further conserve water or overcome any issues of water usage at their schools, she added.

“This will depend on the creativity of the students in proposing future projects or initiatives to combat (any) high water usage in their schools or creating awareness among their schoolmates on the importance of water conservation in our country.

“As it’s in the format of short projects, the competition will be ongoing until the end of December,” she said.

Another officer from the unit who declined to be named said the competition’s main objective is educating people, especially the students, on how to monitor water usage as well as spreading awareness on the importance of conserving water.

“This is among our ongoing efforts to educate the public in which students are our main focal point to eliminate the habits of water wastage that are prevalent in our country,” he said.

The Brunei Times