LTD opening tender for taximeters

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THE Land Transport Department (LTD) is opening tenders for the supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of taximeters and peripheral devices for Bruneian taxis.

Any person, partnership or company is allowed to apply from April 16 to 2pm on May 17 as long as they meet the requirements stated in the tender document.

Interested parties can retrieve the document at the Motor Vehicle Licensing Board (MTLA) at LTD’s Beribi headquarters and submit the completed version to the Mini Tender Board at the Ministry of Communications.

Applicants will then be provided clarification and advice regarding the tender during an information day that will be announced at a later date.

According to LTD Director Dr Hj Supry Hj Ladi, the tender is part of their initiative to create a more efficient and regulated public transport system.

He said currently, taxi operators may charge differently, making it difficult for customers to determine whether they’re being charged appropriately.

To address the situation, Dr Hj Supry said taximeters will be electronic and programmed with a standard fare structure which will be regulated by LTD, hopefully by the end of this year.

He added that along with the implementation of the standard fare structure, taxi drivers will no longer be restricted to operating within a certain area and will be allowed to take passengers over long distances to any part of the country.

“They can even send passengers to Miri Airport as long as they apply for the cross border permit,” said Dr Hj Supry.

Peripheral devices such as receipt printers, signage and electronic payment devices will also be included in taxis to provide better information and convenience to passengers.

“All information must be transparent to the passengers,” said Dr Hj Supry.

Dr Hj Supry said the installation of the electronic payment devices that will allow customers to pay by credit, debit or prepaid was in preparation for their next move to enhance taxi services in the sultanate.

He said his next move would be to accept proposals from ICT companies that are interested in providing taxi reservation by mobile apps services.

Dr Hj Supry said there are 50 taxis currently operating in the country. However, he added that LTD will issue more taxi licenses when demand increases.

“Last year, there were a low number of customers taking the taxis. But with more cruise ships entering Brunei and greater communication with taxi operators, things are getting better.

“We believe that once the taxi meters have been regulated and (fares) are more consistent and affordable compared with other countries, the demand will be there.”

The Brunei Times