Judging guideboook planned for Quran reading competitions

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A GUIDEBOOK outlining judging criteria for Quran reading competitions is expected to be completed this year in a bid to establish standardised and consistent rules.

Hj Abdul Rajid Hj Mohd Salleh, chairman of the multaqa (scholarly meeting) Hakim Musabaqah Al-Quran, disclosed this yesterday on the sidelines of the event.

The multaqa was held over the course of four days alongside a workshop in which 22 judges of different categories including international, regional, national, school and ministerial took part.

Hj Abdul Rajid told The Brunei Times that the meeting would result in the comprehensive guide in order to ensure that judging criteria is consistent throughout the country.

It will apply to all levels of Quran reading competitions.

“Currently, we have no guidebook but rather a paper list of the rules, but it has been constantly updated. InsyaAllah, with our discussions here, the guidebook will be more comprehensive,” he said.

He said that while there are plans to complete the book this year, its usage may only take place the following year.

“We also have to ensure that it complies with international standards. We wouldn’t want to be left behind by continuing to use old judging criteria,” he said.

The guidebook will also serve to give competitors peace of mind so they won’t feel as though they’ve been unjustly marked by the judges.

“Hopefully, the judges will feel more confident with these guidelines soon to be compiled into this book so that no one would so easily question their decisions,” he added.

The meeting and workshop, which ended yesterday, was aimed at having the judges convene and share their thoughts and experiences with one another to improve the judging criteria for Quran reading competitions.

It also provided new judges with an environment where they were able to hold discussions with more experienced judges while exchanging ideas.

The multaqa was the fourth meeting of its kind this year and was facilitated by the Islamic Propagation Section of the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

The Brunei Times