4 RBPF men claim trial over assault case

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FOUR personnel from the Royal Brunei Police Force claimed trial yesterday over charges of assaulting a suspect in a theft case.

The defendants, Police Constable Muhd Mu’izwan Kamran, Corporal Liew Chee Chian, Corporal Herdey Anak Bujang and Lance Corporal Muhammad Hafizan Abdulkhan, were each charged with voluntarily causing hurt to the complainant, 21-year-old Inyatullah Matasin on March 14 this year in the vicinity of Jalan Perayaan, Berakas.

The case was brought ahead after Inyatullah indicated that he did not want to compound the case.

All four defendants, who were unrepresented at this stage, pleaded not guilty to their respective charges and were released on $5,000 bail or the same amount in one local surety pending the trial before Chief Magistrate Muhammed Faisal Hj Kefli on May 23.

During the proceedings yesterday, prosecuting Officers Shamshuddin Hj Kamaluddin indicated that they will be calling 10 witnesses while the defendants told the court that they have no other witnesses to call apart from themselves to give evidence.

Asked on the nature of their defence, Muhd Mu’izwan, Liew and Herdey said that they had justification for their action because prior to the incident the complainant had hit their personal cars which led to the altercation.

He further said that they were on -duty at the time.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Hafizan denied hitting the complainant as he arrived late to the incident.

The Brunei Times