Learning to keep our traditions alive

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YOUTHS are encouraged to learn the correct methods of folding a sinjang or traditionally woven cloth used with the cara Melayu.

Masitiah Tengah, an officer from the Culture and Arts section of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS), said correct methods to fold a sinjang should be passed down from one generation to the next.

“We should keep this tradition alive, especially with the numerous trends popping up nowadays.”

Speaking on the sidelines of the Flavours of BIMP-EAGA - Culture & Food Expo 2016 at the Airport Mall in Berakas yesterday, she said the sinjang is a garment which reflects the beauty of Brunei’s traditional culture.

Masitiah, one of the officers that held a tapihan sinjang (sinjang folding style demonstration) during the event, said the most common sinjang style used is the sinjang sibujang.

“This style is generally used because it is the simplest one to fold. Other styles include the tapihan pengantin, which is used during weddings, and the tapihan potong pancong (a more intricate design).”

She said the Culture and Arts section at MCYS encourages youths, organizations, schools and departments to apply for traditional clothing workshops.

“Our workshops include teaching participants how to correctly fold a sinjang and a dastar (head gear) as well as teaching tarian asli (traditional dance).”

She said the dastar and sinjang are worn by males over their baju Melayu during ceremonial occasions such as weddings and Hari Raya Aidil Fitri celebrations.

“Learning how to fold a sinjang and dastar is (actually) easy and doesn’t take long. If you’re learning it one on one, you can master the techniques in less than a day.”

“But when you are in groups, it may take a few days. Concentration is key,” she said.

Masitiah said the section encourages anyone, especially youths, to participate in their workshops.

“We always try to bring in more youths because they can make money out of it. You can earn $30 folding a dastar. For folding the dastar and sinjang including make up, you can earn up to $100.”

She said she sees increasing interest among youths to learn how to fold the sinjang and dastar and to learn traditional dance.

“This is a good sign, as we want to keep our traditions alive and passed down from generation to generation.”

The Brunei Times