Land Dep’t warns against clearing forests

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THE Land Department has warned the public against clearing forests on state land for agricultural activities.

In a statement issued yesterday, the department said intrusion into state land areas is an offence under Section 32 of Brunei’s Land Code.

Any person found guilty of the offence for the first time could be punished with a $2,000 fine, and $3,000 or imprisonment of one year or both for the second and subsequent convictions.

The department said the annual bushfires have cleared large parts of forest areas that are normally left untouched.

“These areas, now devoid of any thick vegetation, seem to entice (people) eyeing spots for agricultural activities.

“These blackened grounds have now become a familiar sight to those commuting along the Lumut Bypass, Seria Bypass, Mumong Bypass and Tutong and Brunei-Muara highway,” the department added.

The Brunei Times