Frozen fish balls next in line for Kg Sg Teraban’s OVOP

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THE Village Consultative Council (MPK) of Kg Sungai Teraban is looking into the possibility of developing frozen fish balls as an addition to its existing line-up of marine food productions.

Village head of Kg Sungai Teraban Mohd Mersidi Hj Mohd Shara however said that the MPK is focusing on gathering the necessary knowledge and skills at the moment, as the fish ball production is something that is very new to them.

So far, Mohd Mersidi said that few people within the MPK have been sent overseas to learn how to produce the frozen fish balls, but that in itself is not enough, said the head of Kg Sungai Teraban, as the MPK would still need to do an in-depth study.

“It is not just the manufacturing processes that we are concerned on, but also how to market, its demand and how best it can be marketed within our community, and perhaps, overseas,” he said.

“And right now, we are trying our best to develop our marine food productions. We cannot just jump into the field, we have to do it step by step and make sure all the necessary risks are accounted for,” he added.

Mohd Mersidi shared that marine food productions have always been the core business for the village’s One Village, One Product (OVOP) initiative since 2008.

Right now, the village is focusing on producing fish snacks, and is also trying to find ways to add variety to its flavour, besides from the conventional spicy and non-spicy snacks.

The production of their marine food varieties however, depend heavily on the supply of fishes they can get from the South China Sea, as the village is also situated facing the area.

“During the monsoon season, it is difficult to get fishes and it will also be dangerous for fishermen to come down and catch fish,” he said.

“So while waiting for a restock, we will focus on baking cakes and biscuits as our side income,” he added. The monsoon season, he said, is predicted to end by the end of April, where he, along with other fishermen in the village will try to restock fishes as much as they can, before another monsoon arrives sometime around June or July.

So far, Mohd Mersidi said that the village’s marine food productions continued to be well-received by the people, although at the moment they can only sell them seasonally.

“However, we still need more people to participate in our efforts to expand the variety of our OVOPs, especially those that possess the right skills to help us market and manage our products,” he said.

At the moment, he said the village has inadequate manpower to handle the production, and are in need of more people to help think of the best ways on how to better approach their expansion plans.

“More brains work better than one, so I do hope that more people within this village can participate and help us to expand our marine food varieties,” said Mohd Mersidi.

The Brunei Times