Two healthy food advocates from Britain to speak in Brunei

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TWO healthy food advocates from Britain will be in the sultanate next week to give a talk on ways to beat cancer naturally.

Guy Harriman, a natural plant-based health coach, and Sapphire Brewer, a stage four cancer survivor, will discuss the role of nutrition in cancer at an event co-organised by Raw Food Asia, Council of Women, Women’s Institute and Anti-Drug Association of Brunei.

Mewsum Wong, founder of Raw Food Asia, said the speakers will show the public how cancer is “preventable, treatable and beatable” through healthy living.

She added that Harriman, a former Cisco director and personal friend of Steve Jobs, will explain why he left a lucrative career to focus on achieving long-term wellbeing and helping people regain their health via various therapies.

Meanwhile, Brewer will share her experience of overcoming cancer by eating fruits and vegetables that are “non-processed, non-hybridised and non-cooked”.

“We have testimony from someone who has gone through the journey of suffering from cancer. This is important for the people who have some kind of sickness. They can relate to her pain and how changing her lifestyle, eating habits has helped her to beat cancer,” said Wong.

With chronic diseases on the rise and cancer as the leading cause of deaths in the country, she urged the public to attend the event to learn how healthy living can prevent and cure illness.

“Being ill is not a way of life, being healthy is. People are ill because of what they have been eating and their lifestyle all this while. Especially here in Brunei, non-communicable diseases are increasing. It’s not something that (we should accept as) normal. It's abnormal,” she said.

Through the talk, Wong hoped people will incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their diet whilst cutting back on unhealthy food and lifestyle habits.

“Natural food means you don’t fall sick, because your immune system is stronger. While I can’t tell people to cut out whatever they are eating now – that’s too dramatic – I tell people to go slow, have more fruits and vegetables. If that works for you, it’s good.”

Free and open to the public, the event is scheduled to take place on April 17 from 2pm to 5pm at Momo Restaurant, Star Lodge Hotel in Jerudong.

“It’s important to be in charge of your health. If you’re ill, come to the talk. If you’re not ill, do come as well because you can learn to prevent it. We want to share with the public the benefits of eating natural, plant-based food that nature has provided,” said Wong.

Those interested can register via and by contacting 8957528.

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